We have a unparalleled knowledge and expertise in several energy markets as well as projects throughout entire gas value chain, not limited to:

  • Upstream projects
  • Unconventional gas projects
  • Integrated LNG projects
  • Integrated gas supply projects
  • Integrated gas-to-power projects
  • Gas infrastructure including gas storages and transport and distribution networks
  • Evaluation of upstream ,gas storage, gas trading, transport and supply Companies


Professional Experience:

Our experience is not limited to following kinds of contracts in the regions Europe, Africa, Middle East, Southern America and Australia:

  • License Agreements,
  • Production-Sharing-Contracts / Agreements
  • Risk-Service-Contracts
  • “Iranian” Buy-Back Contracts
  • Joint-Operating Agreements
  • Overriding Royalty-Agreements
  • Joint Bidding Agreements
  • Various petroleum law systems all over the world
  • Purchase and Sale Agreements (commodities & companies / assets)
  • Lifting agreements
  • Marketing & Supply Agreements,
  • Storage Agreements,
  • Gas transportation and swap agreements etc