Improving your competiveness with unparalleled knowledge

We are a boutique consultancy firm with the aim to deliver high-quality tailor made products at competitive prices. Our aim is to lift “hidden treasures” and create value for our customers by our impact. We offer an unparalleled oil & gas industry knowledge, commercial-strategic expertise combined with geo-technical understanding.

Our clients will benefit from 20 years of experience in oil & gas upstream, mid-and downstream as well as integrated LNG and gas-to-power projects:

  • 20 years of experience in oil & gas and power industry in different roles– “from the gas field to the burner tap”.
  • Trained in leading utilities and E&P operators
  • Worked on projects in (Central) Europe, CIS, MENA Region, Middle East, Western Africa, Australia and Southern America.
  • Expertise in integrated gas, LNG and gas-to-power projects.
  • Deep Insights in all kind of legal and commercial agreements and their successful negotiation / renegotiation
  • Ability to convert complex / challenging fiscal systems effectively into economic models and detect key value drivers.
  • Experience in complex project management including planning and budget processes
  • Strong expertise in the optimization of project and business sector risks
  • Stakeholder management and controlling / corporate management

We are happy to support your projects as integrated part of your project teams, but are also able to supply our services on a stand-alone basis or as turn-key provider within a network of consultants.

As upside we provide you with valuable intercultural knowledge in the areas of our expertise.